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Sunday, June 27, 2010

To make a FREE blog signature for blogger, follow these steps.

1. Go to My Live Signature.
2. Click on the yellow words "Click Here to Start."
3. Under "Creating a new signature" click "using the signature creation wizard (in purple text).
4. Enter your name or what you would like your signature to be and click "next step."
5. Select your font and click "next step."
6. Select the size and click "next step."
7. Select the color and background color and click "next step."
8. Set the slope and click "next step."
9. Your signature has been created.
10. Right click on your signature and save it to your computer.
11. Under your signature you will see an ID and you will also see three purple text links. Click on the text link that says "want to use this signature?"
12. A page will pop up with your HTML code for your signature. Click "Generate HTML code."
13. Another page will pop up that says "Generating HTML Code." Click the purple text link that says "Generate a code for my handwritten signature."
14. Your signature preview will pop up along with the HTML code.
15. Copy the code.
16. Open your blogger account.
17. Click on "settings" in your blog dashboard.
18. Click on "formatting."
19. Scroll down to the bottom where it says "post template."
20. Paste the copied HTML code into the template and click "save settings".

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