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Friday, December 23, 2011

PTU Tutorial - Naughty or Nice

This tutorial is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. This tutorial is for personal use only, using it for monetary gain is against my TOU's.
This tutorial was written December 23, 2011. This tutorial is copyrighted to Signature Collections Tutorials By Victoria and is registered with Tutorial Writers Inc.

Supplies Needed:
I am using a beautiful tube by Alex Prihodko. You must have a license to use his art which you can get here:
PTU Scrapkit called So Christmas from Butterfly Kisses Scraps  You can find this kit here: Thanks Deanna
Mask of choice. I used my mask# 79, which you can get here:
Font of your choice.
Plug-ins Xero – Porcelain
 Let's begin shall we.
Open a new image,  600x600.
I used paper#15. Apply my mask#79. Merge mask layer visible.
Select corner#2, no need to resize. Copy and paste to upper left side of mask. Select again, this time flip, then mirror. Copy and paste to bottom of right side of mask.
Select glitter, resize to (600x253). Copy and paste twice. Once to top of tag and then to bottom of tag.
Select sparkle, resize to (600x565). Copy and paste to center of tag.
Select frame#4, resize to (400x440). Copy and paste to center of tag. Add a drop shadow.
Select paper#14, resize to (400x400). Copy and paste behind the frame. Erase any excess you do not need.
Select tube, resizing will vary. I put a close up inside the frame. Then made it look like she is coming out of the frame. Erase any excess you do not need.
Select wordart#2, resize to (200x94). Copy and paste to bottom left side of tag.
Type the word or, add it to the bottom of wordart#2.
Select wordart#3, resize to (200x98). Copy and paste to bottom of your word or.
Merge all layers.
Go to effects, plugins, xero, Porcelain. Play with the settings until you find the look you want, then apply.
Add name, url, copywrite and watermark.
Merge all layers.

Resize, to the size you want your finished tag to be.

Save as PNG.
And woohoo, you are finished!
Thank you for trying my tutorial. I would love to see your results and would love to post them on my blog. Contact information is listed on this home page.
©Signature Collections-Tutorials By Victoria

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