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Monday, March 21, 2011

FTU Tutorial (No Scraps) - Garvey Girls Come To Life

This tutorial is of my own creation and any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. This tutorial is for personal use only, using it for monetary gain is against my TOU's.
This tutorial was written in 2011. This tutorial is copyrighted to Signature Collections Tutorials By Victoria and is registered with Tutorial Writers Inc.
Supplies Needed:
Plug-ins Xero - Porcelain
I am using the beautiful tubes by Keith Garvey. You must have a license to use his art which you can get here:
Open a new image (1000x1000).
Hit your print screen button.
Right click on your blank image, paste, as a new section. A-line the new image of you PSP in the center.
Promote to a layer. Select none.
Select your crop tool. I just selected the front of my screen. When you have selected the area you want as your frame, apply.
Select your freehand select tool. Select the inside of your PSP screen and delete. This should make your PSP a frame.
Now resize your PSP frame to (500x?) The size may very depending on what areas you selected for your frame.
Open a new image (600x400)
Copy and paste your PSP frame onto your new blank image. High center your fame.
Open a new image (500x?) Fill it with any color you wish. Then copy and paste behind your PSP frame.
Now it is time to select your tubes. First thing you need to remember is, all tubes must be by the same artist. You can not mix and match different artist on a tag.
I choice Keith Garvey. Resize each tube so they look like they are climbing out of your frame. This is the whole point of this tag.
Once you have placed each tube where you want them, merge all layers.
Go to effects, plugins, xero, Porcelain. Play with the settings until you find the look you want, then apply.
Add name, url, copywrite and watermark.

Resize, to the size you want your finished tag to be.

Save as PNG.
And woohoo, you are finished!
Thank you for trying my tutorial. I would love to see your results and would love to post them on my blog. Contact information is listed on this home page.
©Signature Collections-Tutorials By Victoria

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